Salad Louis

Our Market Leader, Vicki says, “Here is a recipe for everyone!  Cucumber, chives and parsley are included in the creamy dressing which is blended and poured into hollowed out tomatoes. Place on a bed of lettuce and serve with carrot sticks, celery sticks, and radishes on the side for dipping.”


  • 1 cucumber, partially pared
  • ¼ cup French Dressing
  • 1 cup mayonnaise
  • ¼ cup dairy sour cream
  • ½ teaspoon snipped chives
  • 1 teaspoon snipped parsley
  • ½ teaspoon tarragon
  • 6 medium whole tomatoes
  • Shredded lettuce
  • Carrot sticks, celery sticks, and radishes


Cut cucumber in chunks, combine with French dressing in blender, and blend. Add mayonnaise, sour cream, chives, parsley, and tarragon. Blend 2 seconds. Scoop out most of the inside of the tomatoes and turn upside down to drain. Place upright on bed of shredded lettuce and fill with cucumber dressing. Serve with celery and carrot sticks and some radishes at the side for dipping in dressing.

This recipe is from Garden Fresh Soups and Salads by Verna Meyer.

Salad Louis