Nurturing NaturalsOwner:  Julie Osmonson

Market Offerings:  Fresh produce, baked goods, preserved goods, poultry eggs, bracelets, bird feeders, bird houses, and potted plants.

Find them at the Market:  Every Wednesday


About Our Products and Homestead

Our family dedicates our daily life to self-sufficiency from gardening to foraging.  Taking great pride in offering high quality produce with low prices to our customers.  We practice soil restoration so there is no need to apply synthetic fertilizers.  Nurturing the natural way of living through No herbicides, No pesticides, and No GMO’s.  We rejuvenate the soil with needed nutrients to maintain a good biome for authentic foods.

You may inquire about our curing procedures and nourishing foods with long term storage. Required curing procedures will give the food an extended shelf life maintaining its nutrients.  Preserving methods are air drying, cold storage, fermenting, freezing, and water bath canning.  Your pantry may consist of a spare room for air dried items, a garage for cold storage items, etc.  You can make arrangements to get unwashed carrots to put into your long term storage.  We encourage others to stock their pantries with nutrient dense foods for the winter months.

With our preserved foods and home-made baked goods we strive to be as healthy as possible.  In these items we use less sugar or eliminate the sugar and use natural sweeteners if we can.  Ingredients incorporated are natural sweeteners, our garden produce, and organic if possible.  We can accommodate special requests for certain preserved foods and home-made baked goods.

Foraging and wild-crafting has enhanced our skills on using nutritional plants for home remedies.  We use specific foods and plants for the use of correcting ailments that has enriched our health.  Embracing specific foods that have the ability to help aid and maintain a balanced system.  Boosting your immune system is very simple to do by making home-made tisanes and decoctions.  We share credible testimonials that has empowered us and others through life experiences.

Reestablishing the lost arts of our ancestor’s wisdom of self-healing and enriched foods.  As we utilize heirloom seeds, cultivate the land, and develop self-healing it grants fruition.  Striving to achieve the goal of having 80% of our necessities coming from the homestead.  On our homestead we nurture all aspects that encompasses natural living.  

Feel free to inquire about any aspect of our alternative lifestyle.  

*Thank you for supporting your local farmers.*