How It Works


It’s easy. Simply bring your new or gently-used footwear including sneakers, sports shoes, casual shoes, boots, flip flops, ice skates, etc. and drop them off at the market.

Encourage your friends, relatives and neighbors to do the same. Tie or band them together, place them in a plastic bag to keep them dry.

It keep shoes out of landfills and supports hunger relief efforts. For every 1 pair of new or gently-used footwear received, the Shoe Away Hunger program is able to feed one more person with up to 7 days of essential groceries through their Feeding The Future programs.

NOTE:  The program has changed and now only takes footwear that can be resold.

Shoe Away Hunger At the Market

At the 2019 market, we will again be hosting a shoe drive all summer long for Shoe Away Hunger, collecting shoes.

Mark your calendars!  The Shoe Bus Sale will be at the market on August 28th!  New and gently used shoes will be available for purchase.  Adult shoes $5/pair.  Children’s shoes $2/pair.

For information about the program, click here.