PoP Club Activities at the Market

Primary LogoHere’s a list of our summer 2022 in-person market activities for our PoP Club families.  All activities are free.


  • 1st – Seed Planting with take-home Care Directions and “Seed to Plant” Coloring Page
  • 8th – Garden Pot Painting with take-home Pollinator Coloring Page 
  • 15th – Farmer McGregor’s Mixed-Up Seeds & Seed Chart with take-home magnifying glass
  • 22nd – Why do we Need Bees? Book and Game with take-home Bee Coloring Page
  • 29th – Play the game “How Does it Grow?” with take-home “Where Do Fruits and Vegetables Grow?” Coloring Page


  • 6th – US States Super Foods Map Puzzle with take-home Fruit Maze & States Super Foods Crossword
  • 13th – Family Peas in a Pod with take-home “Give your Foods a Good Home” Coloring Page
  • 20th – Make and Take Home a Fabric Carrot with take-home Carrot Coloring Page
  • 27th – Play the Game “Is it a Fruit or a Vegetable?” and sample a cucumber


  • 3rd – Paint a Garden Rock and take-home your rock
  • 10th – Herb Smelling with take-home “Herbs & Spices” Word Search
  • 17th – Seed Art Picture and take home your art
  • 24th – Market Scavenger Hunt with take-home nature/garden scavenger hunt
  • 31st – Make a Thank You Card for Favorite Farmer with take-home pencil for Back to School

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